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why eyvaz?

why eyvaz?

The first Iranian manufacture of: 1- Steam line instruments. 2- Liquid level controllers. 3- Control valves.

Azarsam instrument Co. (commercial name as Eyvaz ), was constituted by Ghaffar Shabani in 1993 and has been a pioneer Iranian manufacture of control valves, level controllers, and steam line automatic control equipment. Gradually, we are developing our technology and technical infrastructure investment as well as our production capacity, both for the quality of enterprising and full of initial purposes and take a crucial step toward our country’s self-sufficiency in producing the equipment. Our company has employed more than 100 people and owns an overall amount of 10000 square meters of land. We have commercial co-operation with Afghanistan, China, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. We are planning to accelerate our scope of activities and views to become one of the most famous companies in the Middle East.

There are a variety of industries in Iran like: Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power plant, Steel, Boiler, Machine manufacture, Dairy products, Nutritious, Healthcare. 

The company has identified experiment employee at internal and external countries. The company has embarked on establishing representatives to facilitate selling its products and giving customer service. This company has technical and professional engineering team.This company utilize its ultimate ability and capacity so as to deliver its products to the consumers within a minimum of time. The existence of a research and development department has resulted in the production and progression of new products as well as optimization of the old products which already continues permanently.

presenting proper customer services, obliging the experts of this company to be accountable for and answerable to you privided that there is problem. The projects, in case of necessity, can be handed in as soon as possible. The company has different types of machinery  and equipment. The company has tested all of the products to ensure that  The quality of The packing is perfect to present in the mall.