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Azarsam Instrumetn Co (Commercial name as Eyvaz ), is the first Iranian manufacture of steam line instruments,liquid level controllers and control valves. Until now The company can reach achievement in production and sales at different project that you see in the bellow lsit:


1-EIED Project

2- ODCC Project

3-Gas Project 

4-Fallat Ghareh Project

5- Chegalesh Project

6- POJC Project

7- Bandar Abbas Refinery Project

8- Zagros Copper Company Project

9-IMK Refinery Project

10- Arak Refiner Project

11-Oil Project

12-Garma Gostar Company Project

13-Rafe Company Project 

14-Rejal Petrochemical Project

15-Behshahr Company Project

16-Kalle Company Project

17-Mihan Company Project

18-Zarnam Company Project

19-GAs Sozan Company Project

20-Fajr Jam Refinery Company Project

21-Mahabad Petrochemical Project

22-Kardanan Company Project

23-Barez Company Project 

24-Pak man Company Project

25-Arak industrial Company Project

26-Boushehr petrochemical Project

27-Pars Oil and gas Project

28-Boushehr Petrochemical Company Project

29-Oil and Gas Pars Company Project

30-Gheshm Company Project

31-Petrochemical Khangiran Company Project 

32-South Pars Gas Company Project 

33-Petrochemical Bo Ali Sina Project 

34-Petrochemical Khorasan Project 

35-Khatamol Anbiya Project 

36-Sepahan CompanY Project 

37-Petrochemical Kermanshah Project 

And Lots of comany that you can see the pictures from Gallery ...